How to get rid of hiccups & all Acupressure points explained in details

How to get rid of hiccups instantly with pressure points

why do hiccups happen?

Hiccup is a common problem. It is believed that when someone is remembering us, we start to get hiccups. But there is a scientific reason behind hiccups, shrinking of diaphragm in our body. Diphtheria is a muscle that separates the chest from the stomach, that is, the diaphragm plays a vital role in breathing. In this case, shrinking is the main cause of hiccups. Apart from this, there are many reasons for hiccups coming. For example, eating excessive diarrhea, consuming excessive alcohol or swallowing food quickly. Sometimes the hiccup makes us very upset. In this way, you can get rid of this by trying out some small measures. If you do not get rid of hiccup after trying these remedies, then it is important to go to your doctor.

Remedies for getting rid of hiccups –

  1. The hiccup can be prevented from the lemon. Whenever you get hiccups, take a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and mix one teaspoon of honey and take it. This will stop hiccups.
  2. A simple way to prevent hiccups is also to keep your breath long and hold it for a few seconds. In such a way when the diaphragm is taken out of the corona dioxide in the lungs, the hiccup will stop.
  3. Vinegar sour taste is effective in preventing hiccups. Whenever hiccup comes, take spoonful vinegar and you will get relief immediately.
  4. On the arrival of hiccup, you can drink a little bit of salt in water and drink one or two sips. This gives quick relief from hiccups.
  5. One spoon is the perfect solution to stop Chinese hiccups. Whenever you get hiccups, you can try this remedy.
  6. Mix two or three black pepper seeds and mix a little sugar in it. Now chew it and keep sucking its juice. This is one of the most effective measures of hiccups.

How do you get rid of hiccups using acupressure?


massage therapy for hiccups how to get rid of hiccups pressure point

There are the pressure point massage focuses for soothing hiccups. Taking a shot at these focuses can enable you to show signs of improvement snappier. You don’t need to utilize these focuses. Utilizing only maybe a couple of them at whatever point you have a free hand can be successful.

Focuses (A) — Heaven Rushing Ou

Area: At the base of the throat in the focal point of the collarbones. Advantages: Relieves hiccups, bronchitis, throat fits, sore throats, chest clog, and acid reflux.

Focuses (B) — Elegant Mansion

Area: In the empty underneath the collarbone beside the breastbone. Advantages: Relieves chest blockage, breathing troubles, asthma, hacking, hiccups, and nervousness.

Focuses (C) — Letting Go

Area: On the external piece of the chest, two creeps over the wrinkle of the armpit and one inch internal. When you pull your arm near your body you should feel a muscle swell. Advantages: Relieves hiccups, breathing troubles, and hacking.

Focuses (D) — Sea of Tranquility

Area: On the focal point of the breastbone three thumb widths up from the base of the bone. Advantages: Relieves apprehension, tension, freeze assaults, and hiccups.

Focuses (E) — Abdominal Sorrow

Area: On the lower edge of the rib confine (at the intersection of the ninth rib ligament to the eighth rib), one-half inch in from the areola line. Advantages: Relieves hiccups, acid reflux, hunger lopsided characteristics, stomach issues, and ulcer torment.

Focuses (F) — Center of Power

Alert: Do not hold this point profoundly in the event that you have a genuine disease. See alert on page 9. Regardless of whether you are not sick, be that as it may, it is best not to hold this point for over two minutes and to utilize it just on a genuinely exhaust stomach.

Focuses (G) — Wind Screen

Area: In the space behind the ear flap. Advantages: Relieves hiccups and additionally ear torment, facial loss of motion, facial fits, jaw torment, moist and irritated ears, swollen throats, mumps, and toothaches. Holding this point on the two sides and taking moderate, full breaths is one of the quickest approaches to calm hiccups.

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